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Sperm Donation

For couples who decide to perform sperm donation, a special medication protocol is issued to increase the number and quality of the eggs of the mother candidate.   

After this, the eggs are collected and fertilized with donor sperm in laboratory conditions. The embryos that are obtained are transferred to the uterus of the mother candidate, and she starts waiting for pregnancy.   

And after 12 days, a pregnancy blood test has been conducted. 


If the issue is brought up by malefactors, and there is no solution, sperm does not have to fertilize land; a sperm donation is an option used for having a baby.  

The sperm cells that are being used for sperm donation are supplied by sperm banks. The health and physiological conditions of sperm donors are being assessed. And all the necessary rules must be followed during the selection of suitable sperm. 

The rules are;

1- the age of sperm donor must be 20-45

2-the karyotype analysis result must be 46XY

3-physical and ethnical properties must be known

4-required genetic and laboratory test are performed (Blood Type, Thalassamia, Cystic fibrosis, SickleCell, Anti HIV1 and Anti HIV2, HBSAg, Anti HBc, Anti HCV, VDRL-RPR, HTLV-1/II Antibody, Chlamidia, Gonore..)

To whom sperm donation is performed?

-to the men who have no any sperm in their ejaculate

-to the men that have sperm cells but their cells have no fertilization capacity

-to the men that have genetic disorders that can be inherited to their babies

-to the men that there is no any sperm in their TESA/TESE tissues

-to the women that want want to be mother without partner


How to use sperm donor for sperm donation?

Firstly the sperm donors are checked for health situation for infectious and genetic disorders besides fertility capacity tests and then are stocked in the sperm banks. The sperms are selected from the bank lists according to patients' choices with being careful about all physical properties to be suitable for especially dad candidate. After that they are shipped in required conditions to centers and are used after thawing for sperm donation.


How sperm donation is performed?

Sperm donation consists of 3 stages;

1-Deciding that we have to use sperm donation and making PRE-PREPARATION:

making required tests and getting reports, (spermiogram, TESE /TESA Report, FSH, ...) and be sure that sperm donation is needed. after this, starting to use some medicine to woman partner to refresh and strengthen the uterus and ovaries. (This stage takes 1 week - 1 month and can be performed in patients' country)


on day 2 or 3 of bleeding (menstrual cycle) in the month that couple decide to come for the treatment, making required tests to woman and start using some more medication like injections for inducing eggs (this stage takes nearly ten days and can be performed in patients' country). After 12 days (on 14. day of bleeding) couple must be in Cyprus for oocyte pick up (OPU, egg collecting).


this starts with oocyte pick up and ends with embryo transfer on day 3 or 5 of embryo development (this stage takes 3-5 days and patients must be in Cyprus). The eggs that are collected are fertilized with the bank sperm that was selected before by the couple or by the center on OPU Day (Day 0). After 3 or 5 days embryos are transferred to the uterus.  After transfer couples can return to their countries whenever they want. On 12. day after transfer beta-HCG teston blood must be done for learning pregnancy is negative or positive.

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