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Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis

PGD, is a procedure that gives a chance  for scanning the embryo for genetic

disorders before implantation. So that it can be prevent the babies with genetic

anomalies to birth.

The situations that PGD is recommended are ; mother candidates age is more than

38 and chromosome abnormalities determined before in the family.


How is going the PGD Procedure?

In-vitro fertilization with PGD includes the biopsies ( taking away a cell -blastomer) of

each embryos generally on day 3 and examining the genetic material of these cells

during in vitro fertilization stages. After these procedures, generally on day 5, the transfer of selected (healthy) embros are transferred to the uterus.


To whom PGD is to be applied? 

-To the couples which carry genetic disorders

-To the couples which have genetic disorders in their family

- To the couples which are under risk because of their elder age

-To the couples which have recurrent misscarriage

-To the couples which have recurrent IVF failure

-To the couples which have severe male infertility

-To the couples that have risk of genetic disorder induced by gender chromosome


Some Of The Diseases That Are Scanned by PGD:

Single Gene Abnormalities, Mediterranian Anemia (Thalasemia), Spinal Muscular Atrofy, Cystic-Fibrosis, Pompe, Galactosemia, Niemann Pick, Factor V Leiden

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