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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

What is NGS?

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a method that comprehensively analyses the DNA to detect genetic problems on the chromosome before the transfer of the embryo. The aim of this is to select a healthy embryo by genetically analysing it before the transfer to increase the chance of a healthy pregnancy. This testing method is capable of screening the whole set of 24 chromosomes in humans.   

Who is NGS recommended for?
The Cyprus Medical Tourism Agency recommends and performs this method, especially in the following cases:  

• Prospective mothers over 40 years of age
• Cases of unexplained infertility
• Recurrent failed treatment attempts
• History of recurrent miscarriages
• Severe male infertility  

The NGS method; is applied to the embryos obtained via the fertilization of the eggs and sperm of the spouses to detect mutations in chromosomes. While blastomere biopsies were previously performed on 3-day-old embryos, the current procedure is to perform trophectoderm biopsies on 5-day-old and 6-day-old embryos. This way, the risk of the occurrence of mosaicism is decreased.   



NGS test having a comprehensive chromosome analysis increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy.   

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