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Embryo Donation

If the problem originated from both the woman and the man as a couple, and both of them are infertile and can't have a baby, embryo donation is used as another option to get pregnant.   

The general success rate is more than 80% in IVF cycles with embryo donation.   

So, every woman and every man can have a baby at every age and every condition.   


To which couple's embryo donation is performed?   

-to women who have a uterus at a pre-menopausal stage   

-to women who are during a menopause   

-to women that their ovaries are absent/removed for any reason   

-to women whose ovaries are o functioning because of radiotherapy or chemotherapy   

-to women whose eggs are low in quantity and quality   

-to women who have experienced recurrent miscarriages   

-to women who have genetic disorders that can be inherited by their babies (or if the father candidate has any genetic disorders)   

-have no sperm when they ejaculate   

-have sperm cells but their cells have no fertilization capacity   

-have genetic disorders that can be inherited from their babies

-that there is no sperm in their TESA/TESE tissues   


      How to use sperm and egg donors for donation (embryo donation)?   

After deciding that embryo donation is necessary for the patient couple, the egg donor is selected from the donor list of the centre that consists of the women who applied to share their eggs. When selecting a suitable donor, it is necessary to be careful about the physical and ethical properties of the couple. And the sperm donor is selected from accredited sperm banks according to family candidates' properties and their special demands as well.   


After selecting the donors, the menstrual periods of both the egg donor and the mother candidate are programmed to end at the same time, and sperm is shipped from the banks to fertility centres. The eggs are induced in the egg donor, while the uterus is prepared in the mother candidate. After collecting eggs from the donor on egg collecting day, they are fertilized with sperm from the selected sperm donor, and the embryos are transferred on day 3 or 5 of their growth into the uterus of the mother candidate. And the couple starts waiting for a pregnancy test on the 12th day after the transfer.   

     The Requirements for Egg Donors:

1- the age of egg donor must be 20-35

2- donor must be physically healthy

3- the body mass index must be 19-29

4- donor must be psychologically healthy

5- donor shouldn't have drug dependent

6-donor shouldn't have any inherited genetic disorder

7-donors ovaries both should be healthy

8-should have karyotype analysis result 46, XX

9-required genetic and laboratory test are performed (Anti-Hiv 1, 2, HbsAg, Anti HBc, Anti-HCV, Syphilis, and sometimes if required HTLV-1 RhD, CMV, T.cruzi, cystic fibrosis, thalasemia, ...)


      The Requirements of Sperm Donors:

1- the age of sperm donor must be 20-45

2-the karyotype analysis result must be 46XY

3-physical and ethnical properties must be known

4-required genetic and laboratory test are performed (Blood Type, Thalassamia, Cystic fibrosis, SickleCell, Anti HIV1 and Anti HIV2, HBSAg, Anti HBc, Anti HCV, VDRL-RPR, HTLV-1/II Antibody, Chlamidia, Gonore..)

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